This could occur if there was some error when the user was submitting the form. In order to process the form in the NetCommunity Plugin in The Education Edge, add a waiver code that can be given to the user, and ask that they complete the form using the waiver code.  

To add a waiver code to a form:
  1. Log into the NetCommunity website
  2. Click on Site Explorer > Forms
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the form that the user has started
  4. Click on the Payment tab 
  5. Mark the checkbox for Allow users to waive the fee
  6. Enter in a code to use
  7. Click Save and Close
  8. Provide this code to the user who must complete the form using the waiver code to bypass the payment, so their card won't be charged again
The waiver code can be removed as an option on the form after the form has been submitted, if needed.