How do you check the Queues and review a job log?

All jobs are run by a queue server by submitting jobs to the various active queues.  This server will always have a maintenance queue (queue zero) which is used solely for starting and stopping normal work queues (queues one and higher).  It is to work queues that jobs are submitted.
To determine which queues are active via the front-end, go to the Schedule Administration screen and press the 'Queue Status' button.

To review the log of a particular job, find the job in question either in the Schedule Administration screen or in the Submitted Requests screen (under Tools), highlight the job in question, then press the Log button to review the messages associated with that job.  You can also Zoom <F10> on the job in question to review the job parameters or press the 'Errors' button to review any associated error messages.

When a client runs into problems doing data imports, running queries and other activities, you can use the log files to find help track down what caused the problem.  To find the logs from the front end, you can search in the Schedule Administration Screen.  This screen shows both scheduled and ad hoc jobs are listed here.  By clicking on the search button, you can narrow your search for specific jobs that ran.  Note that the log may contain multiple pages, and if there is an error it is usually toward the bottom of the last page.

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