Slowness or total freezing in The Financial Edge when loading and/or Auto-Applying credit memos when hosted by Blackbaud

When loading and/or auto applying Large Credit Memos with many invoices from the Accounts Payable Module when The Financial Edge is hosted, users may experience slow performance or freezing.  Users may choose to use auto apply functionality when a Credit Memo contains multiple invoices in order to expedite the process.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.
Alternative solution:
When uploading large credit memos:
Large credit memos will take several minutes to load.  If the screen appears to be frozen, try waiting several minutes for the memo to finish loading before closing the application.

When applying unpaid funds:
Apply credit memos individually if The Financial Edge freezes completely or for several minutes when clicking Auto Apply.


 7.86.93 patch 3

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