The message displayed on this page must be edited in the Message Catalog Editor. Most administrators will not have access to this module, so please contact support if you do not have this option available.
  1. Go to Setup > Product Configuration
  2. Go to the "Message Catalog Editor" tab
  3. Search for the following in the search box:  "Thank you for your interest in submitting a story. If you've already registered with us, please log in. If you have not registered with us yet, please fill out the information below and click on the "Register Me" button." The key should read "usernews: id_prompt"
  4. Click on "Edit Custom", and here you can type in whatever text you would like to display instead of the text in the default label. Once a custom label has been set you will see the message under the column "Custom Label"
If you do not have any of these options available, please contact support to have this changed for you and include the text you would like to use.