I need to embed html in the confirmation page or the acknowledgement email

Sometimes it is useful to embed html on either the web payment confirmation page (the "thank you for your purchase" page) or in the acknowledgement email sent to customers when they purchase something from Altru webforms. This might redirect customers to where they can buy tickets for future events or related events.
To embed the HTML on the confirmation screen after they purchase, 
  1. Go to Web > Web Payment Settings.
  2. Go to View > HTML Code.
  3. Insert the HTML code here in the appropriate place.
  4. Click Update, then click Save.
Note: This page is a generic page that is shown after every webforms purchase, regardless of what someone purchased.

To embed the HTML in a customized acknowledgement email specific to that event,
  1. Go to Web, and click on Manage Program Forms or Manage Event Registration Forms.
  2. Find your event.
  3. Click on the green downward arrows, and click on Acknowledgement Email and click Edit.
  4. In this email, click on View, then select HTML Code.
  5. Click Update, then Save.
  6. Click on Acknowledgement Email, then Enable, if it is not already enabled.




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