Anonymous donor notifications showing when there are no notifications

A constituent record shows as anonymous donor but neither the anonymous donor nor the anonymous payment box is checked.

When opening certain constituent records, there is a yellow notification at the top that says "Gives Anonymously."  However, there are no notifications in Administration or in Documentation for this constituent.

Whenever a constituent makes an anonymous payment donation (the checkbox "Payment is Anonymous" is marked on payment screen), they are considered an Anonymous Donor.  A system generated notification is displayed on their constituent record.

To disable this notification, use these steps: 
  1. Go to Administration > Notifications under Tools.
  2. Click on the Filters button.
  3. Mark the checkbox to include system generated notifications.  Click Apply.
  4. See the Anonymous donor notification.
  5. Click on it, and click Edit.
  6. Enter an end date of yesterday's date on the notification so it will stop displaying on constituent records.



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