Patron charged multiple times in BBMS but only one order appears in Altru from Daily Sales

For credit card sales done through Daily Sales, sometimes there is only one order in Altru but up to three charges in the BBMS portal for the same credit card number and amount. Some of the duplicate charges have the same time stamp in the credit card portal.
Try the following step to resolve: 
  1. Ensure that there are no refunds in the credit card processor: log into the BBMS portal or Cybersource business center, and do a search for that patron, card number, and amount.  If there are two charges, but 1 refund, and there is one transaction in Altru, then this is correct.
In Altru, the credit card is immediately charged when you swipe the card.  Then, if you cancel out of the order, the card is refunded, and there is no record that the card was ever initially charged since no order is created.  Sometimes credit card companies have a delay in posting the refund to the patron's credit card.  If you see the refund is approved in BBMS or Cybersource, then the refund will go through eventually (at the discretion of the credit card company), and there is no further action needed.  

If there are multiple charges in BBMS or Cybersource and none show that they were refunded, but there is only one transaction in Altru, please Chat with Support and reference this article.

Alternate solution: Login to the BBMS portal or Cybersource business center and refund the duplicate transactions.



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