If you are using delayed self-pledges where participants can promise to pay the difference between what they will raise by a certain date and a required fundraising minimum amount, you can upload the data after the fundraising deadline passes to convert each delayed self-pledge with;a remaining balance to a gift on which payment is owed within the Convio system.

Note: The Delayed Self-Pledge feature is enabled with the Online Check-In site options that include the Adobe Flex application for online check-in, which is a feature not generally available. For details, contact your Client Success Manager or Client Care.

When completing the delayed self-pledge form, the participant typically selects to pay the amount they owe in a one-time payment or multiple sustaining payments to spread a larger amount out over time. In some cases, where the participant has indicated they want to pay in installments but raised more money than expected and has a small amount to pay (for example, $15), the system will convert the payment to a one-time payment.

To get the information, you will run the Delayed Self-Pledge Report (in Report Writer) and download the results in a CSV file. You must then change some of the column headings in CSV file and can make other modifications to the actual information, like adding money received, to create a Delayed Self-Pledge (DSP) upload file.

Uploading the file through the TeamRaiser Uploads area initiates the payment processing and converts the delayed self-pledges to the one-time or sustaining gift payments for each person. The system will send the autoresponder emails to each person to remind them about payment and their payment schedule.