How to add the Payroll Employee Data Item .Group Nme

After purchasing Advanced Security in FundWare, you may want to activate Payroll Employee Data Items, such as .Group Nme. This is a FundWare restricted Employee Data Item, and it may need to be activated in FundWare.
  1. In Division 00, System Utilities, run: Program Name: PYL108, Switch: 20, Business Date can be today's date and choose your Division
  2. Choose A to Add your data item.
  3. Type .GROUP NME in and type 170 over the Employee Data Item number that shows.
  4. Continue to set up .GROUP NME for your organization, and Escape out, E to end, and log back into your Division. You will be able to use this Employee Data Item now.


 7.6 ; 7.7

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