There are three ways to view this data.

ReportWriter report
  1. Go to Data Management > Reports > ReportWriter (tab).
  2. Select Transactions in the drop down and Transaction Details radio button.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Find and select the desired field will be in the subsection Custom Data Fields under the Transaction Information section.
  5. Follow the on screen prompt to save and/or run the report
Reports Classic report
  1. Go to Fundraising > Donation Management > Donation Reports (tab).
  2. Select Donations By Transaction in the drop down menu and click Go.
  3. Follow the on screen prompts to run the report.
  4. Once the report is complete, click on Download. Note that if you View the report you will not all of the fields included in the download.
To find this information for a single constituent:
  1. Go to Constituent360 > Constituents.
  2. Find the person in question and click on View.
  3. Click the Interactions tab.
  4. Find the donation in question and click on the subject, which will be the name of the form.
    • If you are unable to find the donation interaction, select Donation in the Select the Interaction Types to display for this constituent field and click Filter.
  5. Here you will see information about the donation and answers to any questions on the donation form.