When you remove a constituent in Luminate their record is never completely deleted from the database. Their record will no longer show up in searches by default and their email address will be freed up for use, but the record will still be in the system. This is mostly for record-keeping purposes and so that records can be re-activated if they need to be. While removed records will be hidden most of the time, they may still show up in queries and reports. To make sure only active records are included in ReportWriter reports:
  1. Data Management > Reports > Report Writer tab
  2. Find the report in question and click "Edit"
  3. Go to step 5, "Configure Filters"
  4. Create a Filter
  5. For the first drop down choose "Biographical Information"
  6. For the second drop down, choose "Active Status"
  7. Check the box next to "Active"
  8. Click on "Add this filter"
To make sure only active records are included in a query:
  1. Data Management > Query
  2. Find the query in question and click "Edit"
  3. For the field type choose "System"
  4. For the field choose "Active Status" and click on "Add Field Clause"
  5. Set it to "Equals Active" and save