There are a multitude of reasons you might receive this error when trying to complete a transaction. There could actually be a problem with your payment processor, but there are a few other common reasons clients have received this error message in the past that you should try to rule out:
  1. There are special characters in the billing information. For example, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" as the billing name could throw this error.
  2. A CVV2 code mismatch. Is this person using an American Express card? A lot of times when someone with an American Express card gets this error message, the problem is that they are using the CVV code on the back of the card, instead of on the front of the card.
  3. The email address you are using is associated with an Admin account. Even if you are not logged in as an admin, sometimes you will get this error if the email address you use for the transaction is only associated with an admin account. Try using a different email address.
If none of the above fix your situation, contact Luminate Support to further investigate the issue.