Note: this solution requires minimal design knowledge. If you or another user at your organization is not comfortable with following the instructions, or if following the instructions breaks anything with the design of the site, you will need to work with a qualified web developer to resolve the design issues with the site

You can wrap <div> tags around any content in a Formatted Text and Image part  in the HTML code and then hide it on the confirmation step. Follow these steps to add the code: 
  1. Edit the Formatted Text and Images part with the text you'd like to hide and click on view tab.
  2. Click on HTML Code button
  3. Add the following code around the outside of the content that you would like to hide. (You can make your own 'id.'  The id "hideThisText" is an example.  It can be anything, but it should be unique.) Please add the following code: 
<div id="hideThisText">
 content to hide here

  1. Click Update
  2. Click Save
  3. Edit the donation form or event registration form 
  4. Scroll down to custom confirmation screen and click on view tab
  5. Click on HTML Code button
  6. Paste this code to the bottom of the HTML code.  (Use the id you chose in step 3.) Please paste the following code: 
<style type="text/css" >

div[id='hideThisText'] { 
display: none; !important

  1. Click Update
  2. Click Save

This will hide whatever content is wrapped in the <div> tag when the donation form or event form progresses to it's confirmation screen.