ClickOnce only - Script error encountered when adding a membership to a constituent where the GL transaction mapping for membership application has not been added to the Development Office.

When adding a membership to a constituent where the Development office transaction mapping has been not yet been created the following is encountered:

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 179
char: 3684
Error: Unable to get value of the property 'current', object is null or undefined.
Code: 0

URL: http://<environment>/browser/uimodel/WinFormHost-combo-min.js

In webshell the error displays correctly as:

Data could not be saved.
In account system <Account System being used>, a mapping does not exist for Office:Development-Payments, Revenue type: payment, Application type: membership, payment method type <whatever payment method type is being used>.

Add the correct transaction mappings to the Development Office in the GL Account system being used.  Refer to Map Transactions for Development Office


 3.0.516, patch 20

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