Your organization can have one wrapper that is used as the default display when your site is viewed on a mobile device. You will design the mobile wrapper just like any other wrapper, but here are some best practices you should keep in mind when designing a mobile-friendly wrapper:
  • The wrapper should be without a horizontal navigation bar or side navigation menu to accommodate the narrower screen size
  • Instead you should use a button to bring up a simpler section navigation menu
  • You will need to insert a "switcher" to allow users to switch back and forth between mobile and desktop views
To create a mobile-friendly wrapper:
  1. Go to Reports and Tools > Wrappers
  2. Click on the plus sign to create a new wrapper
  3. Design a simple wrapper, taking into account the tips mentioned above
  4. Insert a switcher component. Highlight the area where you would like to add the switcher and click on "Insert Component"
  5. For Component Type choose "Mobile Session Switcher" and click "Ok"
  6. Choose if the button for switching to mobile view should be text or an image (you can pick any image from any folder in your site)
  7. Repeat for switching away from mobile view and click "Ok"
Lastly you need to set this wrapper as the default mobile wrapper:
  1. Go to Reports and Tools > Wrappers
  2. Find the wrapper in question and right click
  3. Choose "Set Mobile" and press "Ok"
For more information on designing wrappers in CMS, refer to this help documentation.