1. Go to a secure page, i.e. the General Donation Form
  2. For Firefox, In the Address bar in the browser, there should be a Globe.  Click the globe and select "more information". Then select View Certificate.
  3. (For versions of Chrome prior to version 56): In Chrome, there is a lock icon.  Click the lock, select the "Connection" tab, and click "View Certificate".
  4. (For version 56 of Chrome and after): Go to the Three Dots Menu, and click More Tools --> Developer Tools. Then click on the Security tab. This will give you a Security Overview with a "View Certificate" button.
  5. For Internet Explorer, right click on the window and select "properties", click the "Certificates" button in the lower right.

Each of these will display the issue and expiration date for the certificate and who the provider of the certificate is.