You can accomplish this by using a formula to dictate the ask amount for a donation level, rather than a hard amount. That way larger donors can see larger suggested giving amounts and smaller donors can see donation amounts they may be more comfortable with.
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > Donation Management
  2. Locate the donation form in question and under "Related Actions" click "Edit"
  3. Go to step 2, "Configure Donation Levels"
  4. Next to one of the levels under "Actions" click "Edit"
  5. Under step 2, "Gift Amount", select the button next to "Calculate a dynamic donation ask amount using the formula specified:"
  6. Choose a value to display for donors not logged in or who have never donated
  7. Next, choose a value to start with for a constituent who is a donor.
  8. Choose a percentage (or leave at 0) to initially increase/decrease the value you just chose
  9. Lastly, choose a hard amount to add to that, a rounding multiple, and min/max values to display
Note that many of the fields you can choose in step 7 do not include donations only recorded in an offline database. If you are interested in leveraging offline data, please refer to solution BB744619.