For all sustaining gifts, the next attempted day is the same as the original gift day. So for gifts given on the 1st through the 28th, the next attempted day will always be the same day. Sustaining gifts are processed in bulk every 6 hours. The payment schedule of the sustaining gift is set when the initial donation was made. If a donor created a sustaining gift at 2:00pm CST, then the next sustaining gift processing cycle will process the recurring gift, which is potentially anytime between 2:00pm and 8:00pm. There is no way to set a specific schedule when this 6 hour interval occurs.

If the gift day is the 31st and the current month has less than 31 days, the gift will process on the last day of the month.  For the 29th, this is only true once a year, but for the 31st, the date will fluctuate often.  Here is an example that has a gift day of the 31st:
  • Original gift January 31st
  • Second gift Febrary 28th/29th (depending on Leap Year)
  • Third gift March 31st
  • Fourth gift April 30th
  • Fifth gift May 31st etc.