Note: Adding Google Analytics to a Form requires a custom HTML file. It is recommended that the individual following these steps be familiar with HTML.
  1. Create the HTML code document containing the Google Analytics snippet by following How to Create the HTML Document to Add Google Analytics to a Registration or Donation Form
  2. Enable the Custom Cookie Tool by following How to enter custom html coding for forms or thons
  3. Navigate to Communities > Forms
  4. Hover over the desireed form and select Website Info
  5. Click Form Layout
  6. Select Imported HTML File Layout

    Note: If this section doesn't exist then please follow Step 1 to enable the Custom Cookie Tool.
  7. Click Import HTML File
  8. Click Browse and locate the HTML file created by the Google Analytics code on your desktop
  9. Click Submit HTML
  10. Navigate back to the Webinfo Checklist and click Publish This Event Now
It can take up 48 hours for Google to start tracking this information.