Example: Campaign Description (long description) vs Campaign ID (short description)

The Select Expert criteria is: Campaign is equal to "Sample Campaign FY14"
  1. Open the report in Crystal Reports
  2. Go to Report > Select Expert
  3. Change the first drop down to "is one of"
  4. Add the long and short descriptions to the list of values
    Example: "Sample Campaign FY14" and "SCFY14"
  5. Click OK
  6. Refresh the report
Another solution would be to change the User Options for each user so that they are both exporting the field in the same format.

If you are not sure which field is causing the issues: 

On the machine where the report runs without problems:
  1. Make a copy of the export in RE/FE/EE
  2. Change the export format of the copy to Excel
  3. Export the data
On the machine where the report is blank:
  1. Open the same copied export in RE/FE/EE that is in the Excel format
  2. Export the data to a second data file
Update the format setting:
  1. Compare the two spreadsheets. Look for a field that appears to different, for example Campaign Description in one file but Campaign ID in the other.
  2. Once the field is located, go into the Blackbaud Application
  3. Go to Tools > User Options
  4. Go to the Records tab
  5. Select the field to change on the left (example: Fund, Campaign, Appeal, etc)
  6. Change the format selection to Description or ID
  7. Click OK