You cannot merge Organizational Accounts. You will need to move the donations from one record to the other and then delete the old records. For the purpose of this article, here are two terms that will be used:

Winning record: the record that will remain and will hold all data
Losing record: the record that will be deleted

There are several steps that need to be completed prior to deleting the losing record. You will need to reparent the Org Donor Proxy and all donations from the losing record to the winning record. Here are the steps to complete this process:

  1. Go to the losing record and scroll down to contacts
  2. Click the Org Donor Proxy record (it will usually have the Org Account's name)
  3. Change the Account Name to the Winning Record's name
  4. Click Save
  5. If there are donations associated with the losing record, you will need to move them to the winning record's Org Donor Proxy
  6. Go to the losing record
  7. Scroll down to donations
  8. Click on the first donation
  9. Scroll down to the Contact Roles section and click Edit
  10. Change the Contact to the winning record's Org Donor Proxy and click Save
  11. The donation should now be associated with the winning record
  12. Repeat as necessary for remaining donations
  13. Go to the losing record and click Delete. Confirm permanent deletion
  14. Go to the winning record
  15. Scroll down to contacts
  16. Click on the losing record's Org Donor Proxy (it will have the name of the losing record)
  17. Scroll down to System Information section
  18. Click Change on the Contact Record Type
  19. Select Organization Contact and click Save
  20. Scroll up to the top and click Delete
  21. Click Confirm Permanent Delete
You have now successfully moved all donations to the correction Organization Account and Org Donor Proxy and deleted the duplicate Organizational Account.