There are several issues that could lead to the security code not reaching its intended destination. The security code will be sent to the primary email address on the administrator's account in Constituent360. If you are not sure which address you have listed on your account, please check with another administrator who is able to view your settings. Once you verify which email address the security code is going to, then be sure to check your spam or junk folders. Have the administrator verify that you don't have any other records that share your administrator email address. As a quick solution and troubleshooting step, you can have the administrator change your email address to an alternate email that you might own, such as Gmail or Yahoo and see if you can receive it there. That will at least get you logged in and it also rules out the possibility of it being a sending issue. If you are able to receive the email at your alternate address, then I would recommend passing along our outgoing email server information to your IT department to see if they might be blocking something.