Error: Constituent must have a primary email address when committing an Enhanced Revenue Batch that contains BBIS transactions

A validation error shows in a BBIS Batch indicating "Constituent must have a primary email address" when committing an Enhanced Revenue Batch that contains BBIS transactions.
This issue was addressed in v3.0 Patch 55.

This change applies to an Constituent Update Batch. Previously, upon validation and committal, the primary flag was incorrectly removed from email or phone records when the following occurred: Two or more constituents had identical email addresses or phone numbers, and one of those constituents was auto-matched by an incoming constituent whose data included the same email address or phone number. With this fix, the primary flag remains upon committal. Note that this fix only applies to records created after the fix is implemented.

Work around:

1.       Open the Constituent

2.       Select the contact info tab

3.       Notice he has a primary email address w/type Email1 that is not marked as primary (If email address marked already as primary then go to step 6)

4.       Select Edit and mark this email address as primary

5.       Save

6.       Open batch with this Constituent

7.       Clear all messages

8.       Update Projected totals - Do not validate!

9.       Save and close the batch

10.     Commit the batch without checking the option to validate



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