Blackbaud Online Express security is set up from within the Online Express product. To set-up security, the sign-up process must be completed and at least one giving form/event registration must be started.

By default, all users with Supervisor rights can see Online Express.

For other users, access is based upon security group in The Raiser's Edge:
  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge and click on Online Express in the Navigation Menu.
  2. After Online Express comes up, click on Account and select Integration options.
  3. A new window called Online Express Options will appear. Click on Security in the left list.
  4. A list of security groups from The Raiser's Edge will appear. By checking a box beside a group, that will grant them permission to see Online Express in The Raiser's Edge.
Note:  For security reasons, only users with Supervisor rights in The Raiser's Edge can view and access the Integration Options section of the Account menu in Online Express.