Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue, its impact in the software, and the availability of an alternative solution. After careful consideration, we have determined that this issue will not be addressed in the current version of The Education Edge/Blackbaud NetCommunity system.

Alternative Solution:

Edit the relation profile display part, and mark to include the relationship to be displayed. Displaying the relationship will display address information for the relationships.
  1. Edit the relation profile display part
  2. Edit the relationship option that is not displaying
  3. Verify that the correct relationships are marked to be included and have a display order
  4. Click the next button
  5. Mark the relationship to be included on the biographical tab
  6. Click the next button
  7. Verify the appropriate student status is marked
  8. Click the submit button
  9. Click the save button
The address information should now display for the relation profile display part.  Other fields that can be added to achieve the desired result are Gender, Birth Date, Emergency Contact and Home Phone Number.