You can create a one-off document from the Journal Entry and select the Auto Mailing option to send the email to the donor.

Follow these steps to send a one-off email from a Journal Entry:
  1. Navigate to the Account by using the Search your database box and clicking the result
  2. Click Journal from under the main account header
  3. Click the Journal Entry you wish to email to the Account
  4. Click Save and Create Documents
  5. On the Criteria step select either PDF or Word as the delivery format
  6. Name your Document
  7. Click the drop down menu under Select Template to choose the Communications Template you wish to use for the Document
  8. If you wish to send this email to a particular Persona Type, select it from the drop down menus under Personas to Export. Otherwise the Primary Persona will be used
  9. Click Next
  10. If you have the Receipting step, select appropriate options if they apply
  11. Click Next
  12. On the Delivery step, select a Receiving option:
    -Download - Select this to download the document to your local computer. You cannot navigate to another area of eTapestry until after the document is generated and the download is complete.
    -Place Documents in My Drop Box - If your drop box is under its limit, eTapestry places the document in your drop box. You can navigate to other areas of eTapestry and perform data entry-type tasks while the document is generated.
    -Email Documents to Me - Select this to receive the document as an email attachment. Then enter your email address and a subject. You can navigate to other areas of eTapestry and perform data entry-type tasks while the document is generated.
  13. Under Auto Mailing, check the box next to Automatically email documents to accounts with email address
  14. Select an option for Email Body:
    -Use the document's contents as the body of the email itself - We recommend this option for correspondence such as thank you letters, invitations, newsletters and other day-to-day correspondence. It reduces the size of the email, download time for your recipient, and the chance of being blocked as spam.
    -Include the document as an attachment on a separate email - If you choose this option, eTapestry generates documents based on the contents of your template and sends them as attachments on an email.
  15. Click Run
You will receive an on screen confirmation about the email being sent to the donor.

Please note: The email will be sent to email address listed on the Account. Therefore, the Account must have an email address on file in order to send a document using this method. Follow these steps to verify that you have their email address:
  1. Navigate to the Account
  2. Click the Personas page
  3. Note- the Email field should have a valid Email Address listed
For additional information regarding creating one-off documents and auto mailing, see the help file called Generating One Off Documents.