To transfer a soft credit from a Personal Fundraiser to a TeamRaiser, both the Personal Fundraiser and TeamRaiser must be using the same Merchant Account.  This can be determined by doing the following:
  1. Go to Fundraising -> Personal Fundraising.
  2. Find the Personal Fundraising Campaign and click Edit.
  3. On the first page, note the Donation Form under 2. Campaign Donation Form.
  4. Go to Fundraising -> Donation Management -> All Donation Forms.
  5. Find the Form and note the Campaign.
  6. Go to the Campaigns tab.
  7. Find the Campaign and click Edit.
  8. On step 2. Choose Financial Options, note the Merchant Account.
  9. Go to Fundraising -> TeamRaiser.
  10. Find the TeamRaiser Event and click Edit.
  11. On step 2. Select Fundraising Options, note the Donation Campaign (from this drop down, it should list the Campaign before a hyphen then the Form after the hyphen).
  12. Go to Fundraising -> Donation Management.
  13. Find the Campaign and click Edit.
  14. On step 2. Choose Financial Options, if the Merchant Account is the same as noted before, you can transfer the soft credit.
To transfer the soft credit, do the following:
  1. Go to the transaction.
  2. Click Remove Fund Soft Credit.
  3. Confirm in the pop-up window.
  4. Click Add Soft Credit next to the transaction.
  5. In the window that pops up, choose TeamRaiser Event, Participant, or Team and follow the prompts.