Note: If you only need to change the GL distribution of the invoice, simply create an invoice adjustment. Please note that the payment distribution will not be changed by the invoice adjustment. If you would like to change the payment distribution as well, follow steps 1 and 2 below. If you would like to delete the invoice, follow steps 1-7 below. If only changes such as invoice date, due date, description, etc. need to be made to the invoice, simply open the invoice record and make the appropriate changes. 

1. Void the payment.
2. If you would like to reuse the payment number, purge the payment after voiding it. 
3. Go to Records> Invoices, and open the invoice record.
4. If you only need to make changes to the Invoice distribution, simply create an invoice adjustment and then recreate the payment. If you need to change anything besides the invoice distribution, continue following steps 5-8 below.
5. Click Delete from the task bar. 
6. After deleting the invoice, enter a void date and a reversal postdate*.
7. Click OK.
*Note:  The void date determines when The Financial Edge recognizes that this invoice is removed from the system. The Reversal post date determines the post date of the reversing entries. Reversing entries are automatically created any time a posted transaction is voided. These Reversing entries can be posted by following the same steps to post regular transactions.