How to remove the Tax Claim Number from a gift or a group of gifts (UK)

How to delete tax claim number from selected gifts
Gift(s) to be removed from a claim as a result of exceptions when submitting claim to HMRC
See Submission Failed for information on correcting exceptions reported by HMRC.
Then see the following steps if there are exceptions that cannot be resolved or if there are gifts in the claim that you do not wish to be submitted to HMRC.
  1. Create a STATIC Gift query with the following criteria
    Gift Information, Tax Claim Number equals <the number of the specific claim>

    Additional criteria then depends on the reason that the gift should be removed from the claim.
    For example, if there is an exception related incorrect value in 'House' because the address is blank and no address can be found for the constituent then the additional criteria would be -
    AND Addresses, Preferred Address, Address Line 1 blank.

    Alternately, if the exception related to Total Amount '0.00' the additional criteria could be -
    AND Funds, Split Amount 0
    AND Funds, Tax Claim Amount 0

    Ensure the query results are correct and save the query.

  2. Use this query to globally delete the tax claim number from these specific gifts.

  3. Use the Rerun Tax Claim for the same tax claim number to get the updated totals, which will be reduced by the total amount for these specific gifts.

  4. Run Submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC again for this claim number after checking that the totals on the grid match the totals at the end of the Rerun Tax Claim report.


 7.92.5056 patch 12 or higher

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