This can happen when you have a constituent that was created via data sync. When their record is created, some fields may never be set because there wasn't information recorded for that field in your database, so the value is recorded as "blank". However, when the constituent submits an action alert and updates their constituent information, Luminate may see a value of "none" for certain fields. In this, Luminate is making a distinction between unintentionally empty fields (blank) and changing them to intentionally empty fields (none), thus triggering the autoresponder.

The Autoresponder can either be updated or globally disabled. To edit the Autoresponder:
  1. Select Setup > Autoresponder Center
  2. Select Application Autoresponders
  3. Click Edit next to the Action Alert Contact Information Change
  4. Click Edit next to the current version or Copy to create a new version.
To globally disable this Autoresponder. Please contact Support and reference this knowledgebase article.