Since there is not a filter to prevent emails from being sent to students and/or relationships of students who have a status other than Current Student, there are a few alternative solutions:
  1. Option 1 - Choose to send the email to selected students or advisees, and do not mark the checkbox for the Withdrawn student(s) on the Students tab.  If creating emails for Students in classes, students withdrawn from the class can be removed from the Students list by marking the checkbox for Only include students considered currently enrolled in the class on the General tab.
  2. Option 2 - Remove the student from the Faculty/Staff member's list of Advisees or Students in a class by:
    • Open the Faculty staff record, and click on the Advisee button on the Bio 1 tab. Delete the student from the list.
    • Open the student record and click on the Progression Entry icon at the top. Delete the advisor from the progression entry.
    • Drop the student from the class (BB134926)
  3. Option 3 - If the Advisor sending the email is a Grade Level Advisor, you can change the student's current grade level to 99 or something different than the normal grade levels on the student record's Bio 1 tab.
  4. Option 4 - Mark the "Requests no Mail" checkbox on the record's Bio 1 tab within The Education Edge