It is possible to include these kinds of special characters when sending an email message out of Luminate Online. To do so, all you need to do is encode the character you wish to use in Base64. Once you've encoded the symbol in Base64, simply place it within a string of this format:


where xxxxx is the Base64 encoding of the symbol.

If you have no idea what Base64 is or how to encode something in Base64, that's OK -- fortunately there are online tools to encode characters for you. One I've used and recommend is All you need to do is copy and paste the character you wish to use into the box at the top of the page and click "Encode".

Here are the Base64 equivalents for some of the characters from this Wikipedia page:

Official NameGlyphUnicode #HTMLCommon meaning
Black sun with rays?U+2600☀Clear weather
Cloud?U+2601☁Cloud, cloudy weather
Umbrella?U+2602☂Umbrella, rainy weather
Snowman?U+2603☃Snowman, snowy weather
Black star?U+2605★ 
Sun?U+2609☉Sun, gold
Ascending node?U+260A☊ 
Descending node?U+260B☋ 
Conjunction?U+260C☌Open Circuit
Opposition?U+260D☍Closed Circuit
Black telephone?U+260E☎ 
White telephone?U+260F☏ 
Ballot box?U+2610☐ 
Ballot box with check?U+2611☑ 
Ballot box with X?U+2612☒ 
Umbrella with raindrops?U+2614☔showery weather
Hot beverage?U+2615☕Tea, coffee
White shogi piece?U+2616☖ 
Black shogi piece?U+2617☗ 
Shamrock U+2618☘ 
Reversed rotated floral heart bullet?U+2619☙Binding signature mark
Black left pointing index?U+261A☚ 
Black right pointing index?U+261B☛ 
White left pointing index?U+261C☜ 
White up pointing index?U+261D☝ 
White right pointing index?U+261E☞ 
White down pointing index?U+261F☟ 
Skull and crossbones?U+2620☠Poison
Caution sign?U+2621☡ 
Radioactive sign?U+2622☢ 
Biohazard sign?U+2623☣ 
Russian cross?U+2626☦Patriarchal cross
Chi Rho?U+2627☧Labarum
Cross of Lorraine?U+2628☨Patriarchal cross
Cross of Jerusalem?U+2629☩ 
Star and crescent?U+262A☪Islam
Farsi symbol?U+262B☫Coat of arms of Iran
Adi shakti?U+262C☬Khanda
Hammer and sickle?U+262D☭Communism
Peace symbol?U+262E☮ 
Yin and yang?U+262F☯Taoism, Balance
Trigram for Heaven?U+2630☰ 
Trigram for Lake?U+2631☱ 
Trigram for Fire?U+2632☲ 
Trigram for Thunder?U+2633☳ 
Trigram for Wind?U+2634☴ 
Trigram for Water?U+2635☵ 
Trigram for Mountain?U+2636☶ 
Trigram for Earth?U+2637☷ 
Wheel of Dharma?U+2638☸ 
White frowning face?U+2639☹ 
White smiling face?U+263A☺ 
Black smiling face?U+263B☻ 
White sun with raysU+263C☼Compass
First quarter Moon?U+263D☽Silver
Last quarter Moon?U+263E☾ 
Mercury?U+263F☿Mercury (planet), Mercury (element)
Female sign?U+2640♀Venus (astrology), Venus (planet), copper, feminism
Male sign?U+2642♂Mars (astrology), Mars (planet), iron
Jupiter?U+2643♃Jupiter (planet), Tin
Saturn?U+2644♄Saturn (planet), Lead
Uranus?U+2645♅For the astronomical symbol see U+26E2
Neptune?U+2646♆Neptune (planet)
Aries?U+2648♈Aries (constellation)
Taurus?U+2649♉Taurus (constellation)
Gemini?U+264A♊Gemini (constellation)
Cancer?U+264B♋Cancer (constellation)
Leo?U+264C♌Leo (constellation)
Virgo?U+264D♍Virgo (constellation)
Libra?U+264E♎Libra (constellation)
Scorpius?U+264F♏Scorpius (constellation), minim
Sagittarius?U+2650♐Sagittarius (constellation)
Capricorn?U+2651♑Capricornus (constellation)
Aquarius?U+2652♒Aquarius (constellation)
Pisces?U+2653♓Pisces (constellation)
White chess king?U+2654♔ 
White chess queen?U+2655♕ 
White chess rook?U+2656♖ 
White chess bishop?U+2657♗ 
White chess knight?U+2658♘ 
White chess pawn