GeoTrust, a 3rd party company that Blackbaud has a partnership with to provide SSL certificates for our hosted clients, has implemented a validation step within the SSL renewal process.  They must first verify that all of your organization's technical contact information is accurate.

Please note that this includes...
  • Verifying ownership of your domain via a WHOIS search. If privacy settings are enabled for the registrar entry, GeoTrust will not be able to verify ownership of the domain. Please remove any privacy settings before authorizing the renewal with GeoTrust. 
  • You will be contacted by GeoTrust. Please be responsive to any contacts from GeoTrust.  If you do not respond to GeoTrust, your certificate cannot be renewed. 
Sixty (60) days prior to your certificate expiration, we will initiate the renewal process with GeoTrust and will provide them with the designated contact information for your organization. GeoTrust will contact your designated individual directly by phone and/or email to validate that your organization authorizes the renewal of your SSL Certificate
If you are the designated contact, please respond to the email GeoTrust sent you. If you no longer have that email, please contact them directly at: 
GeoTrust Customer Support 
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 05:00 - 17:00 (PST) 
Phone: 1-866-436-8787 or 1-678-366-8399 
If we need to change our records for a current SSL renewal, please email Please note that only the designated contact Blackbaud provides can validate the certificate. Once updated, the newly designated contact will receive an email from GeoTrust.

To update the designated contact for future renewals seeHow to become a designated contact for SSL certificates or renewals