In NetCommunity:
  1. Break the link to the RE record and the link to the EE record from the affected user account
  2. Click the Save button at the top of the page for the user account

In The Education Edge:
  1. Open the User in Administration > Set up system security
  2. On the Online Security tab, clear the controls labeled "Faculty Access for the Web", "Has administrator rights in Faculty Access for the Web", and "Faculty/staff record to link to"
  3. Click the Save and close button
  4. Click on  Administration > Set up system security
  5. Click New User
  6. Set up the new EE user the same way that user from step 2 was configured, but use a different value in the "User name" field [i.e. do not use the same user name from the previous user record again; change at least one character to create a new value]. 
  7. Click the Save and close button
  8. Create a query that returns just the affected record(s)
  9. Save the query
  10. Click the NetCommunity button
  11. Click the Add users to NetCommunity link and use the query that you saved. 

The utility will create new BBNC user accounts with the new username values, and link the new BBNC user accounts to the corresponding back-office and FAweb records. The new BBNC user accounts will not produce the "This User ID has already been used in The Education Edge" error when attempting to edit and save those linked user accounts [including when updating the password within the BBNC user account editor].  At your discretion, you can then delete the former BBNC user account and EE > Administration > Set up system security User that were exhibiting the issue.