When moving the RE database to a new SQL server, it is important to realize that the credentials that the Convio Connector uses to log in to the server are not necessarily copied to the new server; so, you will need to do the following:

Verify that the REConn login still exists:

1) On the new SQL Server, open the MS SQL MANAGEMENT STUDIO
2) Look at the Security Logins and ensure that the REConn login exists.

If the REConn login does not exist do the following:
  1. In the management studio find the RE database and go to the SECURITY Users under the RE Database.
  2. Delete the user called REConn.
  3. Go back to the Security  Logins section under the main server.
  4. Right click on the Logins folder and choose New Login
  5. The username should be REConn
  6. Choose SQL Authentication. The password is the same as your old password for the REConn login.
  7. Disable the checkbox Enforce Password Policy.
  8. At the bottom, set the default database to the RE Database.
  9. On the left click on User Mapping.
  10. Click on the check box beside the RE Database.
  11. From the roles at the bottom choose db_datareader.
  12. Click OK .
  13. Make sure that the USER REConn now exists in the RE Database's Security   User folder. (you may need to refresh the list)

If any of the following information has changed please notify Convio and they will issue a new ConnectorConfig file:
Server host name (the name of the computer):
Port on which the SQL Server is listening:
RE database name:
Username: This should not change it should remain REConn
Password: If you need the original password Convio may have it stored; otherwise, you will need to create a new password and notify Convio.

Make a back up of the current ConnectorConfig.xml and, when you are ready activate the new server, replace the old ConnectorConfig.xml with the new one.

The location where you will find it on the RE Connector box is C:\Convio\Apache\Tomcat50\webapps\convio\working\

To test:
  1. Ensure that you are currently logged out of Convio and login again into Convio's Administrative pages (this clears the cache).
  2. Go to the Data Management  Import/Export  Real-Time Configuration page.
  3. On the left side click on the step labeled Test Configuration
  4. Click on the Green button labeled Run Test
  5. It should come back as
  • Test 1 succeeded
  • Test 2 succeeded

There should be no need to adjust the ports settings on the fire wall since this is the same configuration you had before. If you have added a firewall between the RE Connector box and the SQL server, then you WILL need to ensure that port 1433 is open.