When a participant is logged in to their participant center and viewing their Donation History, the recurring gift value displayed can presumably show incorrectly due to the following configuration in the associated TeamRaiser. For example, if a $100 recurring gift is pledged to the participant to be incrementally charged in amounts of $20, the initial gift would show as $100 if viewing the Donation History of the participant, but the receipt would show only what was processed which would have been $20. As the sustaining gifts process that initial "seed" gift value will incrementally decrease to include that of the "seed" gift + the additional gifts yet to process.

This behavior can be changed by modifying this setting:
  1. Go to Fundraising > TeamRaiser.
  2. Find the desired event and clicked the Modify link.
  3. Go to step 3, Select Event Options.
  4. Go to step a, Define Fundraising Options.
  5. Uncheck the check box "Yes, credit the full value of recurring gifts immediately."

With this box checked and one submits a sustaining gift the value of the entire pledge will be immediately included in the participant's fundraising totals.  However, as the sustaining gifts process, this value will decrease by the amount of the submitted gift displaying that of the initial (or "seed" gift) + the remaining balance of the pledge.