Alternative Solution: 

For Special Events: 
  1. Go to Events > Event Search.  Search for and open the event.
  2. On the Registrations tab, add the registrant for the event with the correct registration option.
  3. Click Add Payment.
  4. Add the partial payment.
  5. Click Save.
  6. When the remaining payment comes in, go to the registrations tab, click on the registrant.
  7. Click Add Payment, and add the remainder amount to fulfill the balance.
Note: Fundraising/Special Events with designations cannot have partial payments
For Scheduled Program Events: 

For Pre-Registered Scheduled Program Events: 
  1. Go to Tickets > Program Search.  Search for and select the program.
  2. On the Prices tab, add a new price type for the partial payment.  Note: This is for partial payments where all partial payments will be a set amount.
  3. Sell the patron a ticket to the program using the partial payment price type.
  4. To enter the remaining amount owed, go to the program, Event List tab.
  5. Add a fake/dummy event.
  6. Sell the patron a ticket to the fake/dummy event using the partial payment price type for the remaining amount.
Note: A second event must be added because a registrant cannot register more than once to a pre-registered event.  If this program is sold online, consider prohibiting the partial payment price type for online sales.