If Event Price Options are missing when viewing the event
If Event Price Options are missing when editing the event registration form part
  1. Manually reload code tables
  2. Edit the event registration form part
  3. Click edit next to the event which is missing the units
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Save
  6. Edit the part again and the event to confirm the new units display
  7. If the new units do not display, you may need to cut the event part and readd it
    • ​Note: if you need to cut the event, you will also need to fill out the fields for the event again, for example description, etc.
      1. On the Design Tab, under Add events, click the Remove link under Actions for the Event not showing correct Event price options.
      2. Click the Add an event button at the bottom of the Add events section.
      3. Search for the same Event and click Select.
      4. Click Edit under Actions for this Event under Add events.
      5. Click Save
You should now see the updated Event price options on the Event configuration screen.

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