If the Donation Campaign that is tied to the TeamRaiser is using a Merchant Account that doesn't support Paypal transactions, than this option cannot be enabled in the TeamRaiser. Otherwise, follow the steps below to enable Paypal as a payment option in your TeamRaiser:
  1. Edit the the Teamraiser.
  2. Go to step 12. Customize Pages.
  3. Click Configure next to the Payment Page.
    • Note: Payment Page will only display if a TeamRaiser setting is enabled to use Donations2 for registration. Follow the steps below to verify:
      1. Go to Step 3. Event Options
      2. Under Related Actions, click Edit Advanced Options
      3. Enable the last step: "Donations 2 Registration Transaction Processing"
  4. Make sure the option "Yes, allow donors to pay with PayPal" is selected.
  5. Click Save.
Once enabled, this paypal will be an option on the participant registration page.