How to remove extra space in email message or Formatted Text and Image part

Email messages and templates will render differently in different email clients. For example, a message/template may not look identical between Yahoo!, Gmail, Outlook, and Lotus. This is not due to an issue with Blackbaud NetCommunity or the HTML Editor. It is a symptom of the variety of email clients' inability to agree on how individual style and design elements should be rendered.

Even the best designed email message/template may not appear identical in all email clients, online (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail) or offline (Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes). Much of this is due to the email client developer's decisions related to security within the client program, so each email client has its own way of interpreting what is safe to display and what is not.

A possibility is the tags around the images. Paragraph tags around images can cause excess spacing in Outlook. You can simply change the paragraph tags to span tags.

For example:

<p><a href=""><img height="80" src="" width="300" /></a></p>

Change to:

<span><a href=""><img height="80" src="" width="300" /></a></span>

The span tags can eliminate excess spacing in Outlook emails, without affecting how other email clients view the message.

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