Use the following utility when processing Direct Debits in Raiser's Edge, if the bank reports issues with the SEPA file.

If Blackbaud hosts your data please e-mail the SEPA transmission file to and request Blackbaud run this utility on your behalf.
Include this solution ID number on your e-mail.
Blackbaud will return the file created by the utility.
  1. Login to the workstation as a local administrator.
    Note:This utility must be run from a workstation that has Raiser's Edge client installed..
  2. Download SEPA Fix File utility to the local hard drive of the workstation.
  3. Double-click the SEPAFixFile.exe file.   (If you receive an Open File - Security Warning, click RUN)
  4. Complete the options on the utility screen that pops up and click Go
    1. Browse for the file created by batch - Use the browse button to locate the file created by the Create EFT Transmission File option in the Direct Debit batch.
    2. New File Name - enter the name for the file to be created by the utility.  This file will be saved to the same folder as the file selected above.
    3. Include encoding information - this option is always selected and cannot be changed. It adds the appropriate encoding=”UTF-8” information
    4. Compress addresses - this option combines multiple addresses
    5. Use OIN - this option adds the Creditor Scheme ID that is entered in the field. 
      Note: this is only relevant for Allied Irish Bank and should not be selected for any other banks.
    6. Two decimal currencies - this option ensures that the money in the file has 2 decimals. 
    7. Add 'Creditor Scheme Name' - this option adds the Creditor Scheme Name in the correct position in the file.
      Note: This is only relevant for Allied Irish Bank and for the Netherlands, so should not be selected for other banks.

  5. When complete, click Exit.
Note: Unchecking an option and running the utility against the same file will revert the changes.