When you enable express shipping, it can be defined both for the form itself and for the items in the store. You define an express shipping price for each item in the following manner:
  1. Fundraising > eCommerce > Next to the item in question click "Edit"
  2. Go to step 11, "Shipping Charges"
  3. Check step 5 to enable express shipping
  4. Enter in the cost for that particular item's express shipping on step 6
The cost specified here is applied to the order on a per item basis. If step 7 is checked, this price will be added on to the item price, otherwise it will be added on to the total shipping charge. However, you can also define an express shipping cost for the whole order. This cost can be configured to be dependent on how many items are in the order, but it will be added IN ADDITION to the charge we setup above. Here is how you setup an express shipping charge for the order as a whole:
  1. Fundraising > eCommerce > Stores tab > Next to the store in question click "Edit"
  2. Go to step 6, "Shipping Options"
  3. If step 3 is checked, express shipping will be an option for items in the order that have express shipping enabled (refer to step 3 above)
  4. For step 5 you can decide if you want a separate charge in addition to the per item charge. You can configure this charge to be tiered based on cost or number of items, or a solid number.
So after all of these options are defined, here is how the order total is calculated:
  • For each item with express shipping selected, the per item express shipping charge (as defined in the first how-to) will be added to the total. 
  • If any items in the order have express shipping selected, the per order express shipping charge (as defined in the second how-to) will be added to the total.
Since both of these steps will be carried out, you may find that more shipping charges are applied than you expected. Use per item charges if the charge varies for different items or you want the shipping included in the cost of the item. Use per order shipping charges if you want to charge a flat shipping fee or if you just want the charge to be dependent on number of items or total order cost. You only want to use both of these options if you are going to charge shipping separately per item AND you want to tack on an extra fee for the whole order.