When using the S120 tag, you have a few options for parameters:
  • dc (Donation Context) - These are used for Donation Transactions
  • sustaining - Sustaining Gift Cancelled autoresponder  - dc tags do not work in this particular Donations autoresponder, so use sustaining
  • cart - eCommerce
  • sc - Surveys
  • event - Calendar event
  • ar - Autoresponder
These are to be used in the following way:
  • [[S120:dc:campaignName]]
  • [[S120:cart:checkingOut]]
  • [[S120:sc:objectI]]
  • [[S120:event:dateAndTime]]
  • [[S120:ar:emailAddress]]
If you are looking for a particular parameter but are unable to find it, use this to find out what parameters are available within the form you are using (i.e. Thank You Autoresponder for Donation Forms are going to generate a different list than the Thank You for taking a Survey)
  • [[S120:help]]