When processing credit card transactions from a recurring gift batch, the authorization codes from the previous run have to be cleared for this one. If the codes are still present, The Raiser's Edge thinks the batch has already been run so provides this alert to prevent double-charging. Furthermore, if there is any data in the authorization code field (whether previous authorization code or mistyped gift data), The Raiser's Edge will not process the credit card.

To manage a recurring gift batch of credit card transactions, the authorization codes must be removed prior to the next run. There are a couple ways to manage them:

  1. At the commit of the recurring batch, click on the Recurring Batch tab. Mark the checkbox beside Clear credit card authorization codes. After the batch commits, the authorization code column will be cleared so the batch is ready for use next time.
  2. If you prefer to keep the codes present until the next time, open the gift batch and find the Authorization Code column. Highlight each field and press Delete to remove them.