Error: Automation error - when merging receipts with a stack and custom data file in Hosting

When hosting users merge their custom data file receipts using a receipt stack this automation error occurs when sending to word merge wizard or merging records to the receipt file. This will occur for anyone using receipt stacks along with a custom data file. This impacts Canadian clients who are hosted.
This error can occur for several different reasons. If related to the regional setting of English (Canada), this was resolved in Raiser's Edge 7.96, patch 1, released and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services in fall 2016. 

If your Raiser's Edge is not hosted by Blackbaud (self-hosted/locally installed): Download and install the Raiser's Edge 7.96 patch 1, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch. 

Alternate Solutions
  1. Go to Config > Tables > Receipt Stacks
  2. Select the affected Receipt Stack table entry
  3. If present, remove the apostrophe from the Receipt Stack Name


Change the regional settings to English (US) to produce the receipts: How to update Regional Settings for non-US format databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services
  • Note: This will change the date format printed on the receipts, so may require manual correction of the receipts if the date format of dd/mm/yyyy is needed.

Use the Receipt function to generate receipt numbers and choose to create an Output query. Use the Output query from Receipts to create a custom merge document in the Export module.
  1. Run the existing template with receipt type custom data file and no stack (this will allow you to copy the template and see which fields you need, I would paste this into a new word document for the time being)
  2. Run the receipts with type preprinted and the proper stack and choose at the bottom to output a gift query (this will allow you to generate the proper receipt numbers for the gifts) preview and then close the preview, choosing to receipt the gifts
  3. Use the gift query from Step 2 in export with a gift export and the type Blackbaud Simple Word Merge.
  4. Output the fields from your template in step 1 and choose to edit the document
  5. Paste your template into the document and replace all merge fields (pasted merge fields will not work properly)
  6. Choose Return to RE 7 to merge from the add-ins tab
  7. Click the Merge button on the bottom right
This will generate the receipts on your template with the proper receipt stack numbers. Once this export template is set up then it will be a simple two step process moving forward, until we resolve the issue in hosting.


Use Acknowledgement Letters in Mail, which can include receipt numbers:
  1. In Mail > use the Receipt function to generate receipt numbers, choosing Pre-printed receipts
  2. Mark the option to Create an output query
  3. When prompted, be sure name and save the output query and to select Yes to mark gifts as Receipted to save the Receipt number
  4. Then in Mail, go to Donor Acknowledgement Letters
  5. If needed, edit the existing simple or conditional mail merge documents to add the Receipt Number field to the templates and any other needed/required information
  6. Complete the mail merge to generate the acknowledgements with receipt information

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Mail and attempt to receipt gifts through Mail > Receipts
  2. Choose Receipt type > custom data file
  3. Choose a receipt stack > any stack can be used
  4. Send to word merge wizard or merge the records to the receipts
  5. Error appears when attempting to save the file


 Raiser's Edge

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