How to submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC when multiple charities in the same Raiser's Edge database

How to handle multiple charities when submitting Gift Aid claim.

There are rare occasions when a charity is issued with more than 1 HMRC claim reference number and therefore has had to produce separate R68 reports for each of these.
Blackbaud advise that a separate Raiser’s Edge database is used for each charity but, if your Raiser’s Edge database holds data for more than 1 charity then you would need to ensure that-

  1. Each gift contains information that refers to the specific charity that received the donation.  This may be the Fund on the gift for example, or it may be an attribute.
  2. If the intention is to claim tax on these gifts then you must ensure that you have a signed declaration from the constituent for the charity that receives the donation.
  3. You must ensure that the information on the Tax tab of the gift reflects the situation for the charity who received the donation – eg if the gift is qualified for Gift Aid then ensure a declaration exists for this charity.
    An example of how this could be managed would be to manually set the Gift Aid Qualification Method on the Tax tab to Set as Qualified if declaration present, or Set as Not Qualified if no declaration for the particular charity, rather than accepting the default of Apply Gift Aid Rules.
    This is because Raiser’s Edge was never designed to process donations for 2 charities so if you have an open ended declaration for charity 1, any Cash, Pay-Cash and Recurring Gift Pay-Cash gifts that meet the Gift Aid Rules would be seen as eligible because of that declaration.  If the gift is for charity 2 then tax cannot be claimed as no declaration for charity 2.
  4. Should you then subsequently receive a declaration for the charity that received the gift, where the date of the gift falls between the start and end date of the declaration, then you would manually change the Gift Aid Method to Set as Qualified.

If you already process donations for more than 1 charity in a single Raiser’s Edge database then the above or a similar process that manages this situation should already be in place.

Making a tax claim

  1. HMRC submission settings should be setup for the relevant charities, once for each HMRC online giving account – one account setup per charity.
  2. The R68 should be run per charity and either based on a gift query of eligible gifts for the charity whose claim you are running, or add Filters to the New R68(Gift Aid) Report to ensure only gifts for the charity whose claim you are working on are included in the report.
    For example, the relevant fund would be selected on the Filters tab of the report.
  3. Prior to submitting the Gift Aid claim the Charity Claims Reference number in Config, General should be checked to ensure it is the HMRC number for the particular charity that you are about to submit the Gift Aid claim for.
  4. When using Submit Gift Aid Claim to HMRC, if more than 1 claim listed to be submitted, tick the Do Not Submit box for those claims that are not for the charity you are working with.
  5. The HMRC User Name and Password should be those for the charity whose claim you are submitting.

See How to Process a Gift Aid Claim for more information


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