Sales by Price Type Report and Event Attendance Report do not match for tickets sold

The Sales by Price Type and the Event Attendance report when grouped by price type both show the number of tickets sold of a certain price type.  However, sometimes these two reports do not match.  The Event Attendance reports more tickets sold than the Sales by Price Type. 
The discrepancy in the two reports can be caused by the following:

I. Date. The Date filter in the Sales by Price Type Report is date sold. The Date filter in the Event Attendance Report is the date of the event. Therefore, you have to select a date range that would cover all sales of your program in your Sales by Price Type Report. For example, if you are running the Sales by Price Type Report for today and the Event Attendance Report for today, your Sales by Price Type will be excluding any tickets purchased in Advance/not sold today. 

II. Un-checked in groups.  The Event Attendance Report includes group sales tickets as sold, even when the group is not checked in.  The Sales by Price Type does not include unchecked in group tickets since the sales order for a group sale is not created until the group is checked in.  To solve the problem, check in all groups using the steps below: 
  1. Go to Sales, Group Check In.
  2. Enter in the date range that you are running the two reports for.
  3. Unmark the box to "include checked in groups"
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click the green downward arrows next to each group and click Check In Group.
  6. Edit the price types and quantities of visitors as needed.  Mark the box to pay remaining balance if the group sent you the payment, then click Check in.
Note: You can only check in groups on their arrival date or after.  Therefore, if a group has an arrival date in the future, you cannot check in the group until the arrival date.

Note: You can only edit price type and visitor count after a group has been checked in.  Therefore, it is important to check the group reservation to make sure the itinerary, resources, discounts, and price are correct before checking the group in.




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