To run a query on the total number of website visits:
  1. Select Data Management > Query. The Query List page displays.
  2. Select Create a New Query. The New Query page displays.
  3. Enter a name and description, and select a security category.
  4. Select Save. The Query Details page displays.
  5. Select the Add an Interaction Clause button. The Interaction Phrase Type dialog displays.
  6. In the Interaction Group column, select Referenced Types. 
  7. In the Interaction Type column, select CMS Web Site Visit.  
  8. In the Referenced Name column, select one or more host names.
  9. You can also filter the names by name and security category in the Filter Reference Names by field.
  10. Select Save to return to the Query Details.
  11. Select Save Query.
  12. Select Run Query and this will populate all the users who have interacted with the page.