The options on the duplicate search results are explained below:

Save As New Record
This will add the newly created record to the database so you could potentially end up with duplicate records. Users should be sure that the duplicate found and the new record are two separate records when using this option.

Selected Record Is Not a Duplicate
By clicking this button, the two specified records will no longer appear as duplicates moving forward. So, for example, if there are 2 constituents with very similar names (i.e. John Smith and Johnny Smith) that always pull in as duplicates on the Duplicate Constituents Report, using the steps below will prevent those 2 records from pulling in as duplicates in the future.

Note: Once this button has been clicked, there is not a way to undo it. If you find that the button was marked incorrectly for records that are actually duplicates, we recommend that you go ahead and manually merge or delete the duplicate record to clean-up the duplicates.

Use Selected Record
Selecting this option will not save the newly created record but will open the record selected in the duplicate search results screen