You can use the S28 tag to pull in the totals number of responses to a particular survey question, but there is currently no S tag that will pull in a specific constituent's survey responses.
Example: if you report on a True/False question as noted below then it will show you the total amount of people that have submitted true and the total amount of users that submitted false.  Other questions will provide similar output or provide a count of all that have submitted.

A work-around for this is to create a custom profile field and set the survey to update that profile field with the constituent's answer, however this will only work for some types of questions.

How to use the S28 for total responses:


To find the survey ID:

  1. Go to "Content" > "Surveys"
  2. Find and "Edit" the desired survey
  3. The survey ID will be in the URL after "survey_id="

To find the question ID:
  1. Go to "Content" > "Surveys"
  2. Find and "Edit" the desired survey
  3. Go to step 2 "Include Questions"
  4. In the table in the "Questions" column there will be the survey question text and the question ID